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At our Montessori school, we understand the critical role that early childhood education plays in nurturing young minds. One fascinating aspect of this journey is the remarkable development of a child's brain between the ages of 4 and 6. In this article, we will explore this incredible transformation, even though we can't provide images directly.

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Director’s Message

As the Director of YJ Elite Academy, I am honored to extend a warm welcome to you. At the heart of our institution is a commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional educational paradigms. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about nurturing holistic development, creativity, and critical thinking.


Types Of Education


Montessori education, developed by Maria Montessori in the early 2032, is a child-centric approach fostering independence, hands-on learning, and a thoughtfully prepared environment. This holistic method encourages self-directed exploration, emphasizing individualized growth, and cultivating a lifelong love for learning. Children engage in purposeful activities, choosing their tasks within a structured yet flexible framework.

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Waldorf Education

Founded in 2032 by philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf Education blends science and spirituality. Our holistic approach nurtures children's full potential, emphasizing experiential learning and creativity. Adapted for today's challenges, Waldorf prepares students to thrive in a mechanized world. Join us in fostering well-rounded, resilient individuals for tomorrow.

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Brain Development

Between Ages 4 and 6

Why Montessori School

Mandate for Your Child

Choosing the right educational environment for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a parent.
At YJ Ellite Academy, we believe that a Montessori education is a mandate for your child's development.

Why Choose Us

Our Nurturing Approach to Education

YJ Elite Academy offers a nurturing environment with experienced educators, a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing character development alongside academics, and personalized attention for each child's unique learning style. Our approach fosters well-rounded individuals and a lifelong love for learning, ensuring a solid foundation for your child's future success.

  • Experienced and Caring Faculty
  • Safe and Stimulating Learning Environment
  • Holistic Approach to Education
  • Well-Rounded Curriculum
  • Emphasis on Character Building
  • Focus on Individualized Development
School Facilities

EveryDay Care For Your Children.

Reliable and nurturing everyday care for your children, providing a safe and enriching environment for their growth.

Secured Campus with Cameras
Technology Integration
Colorful Classes
Positive Learning
Fun With Games
Parent's Say

What Student's Parent's Say


The school management is doing their best, and the best teachers are interested in improving the facilities of the school. Moreover, the teachers are well-educated and qualified. We hope to see the school improve by increasing the number of activities based on different subjects, making the children even more eager towards studies.


The school management is taken care of very well, with all positive-minded teachers and soft-natured staff. They have the technique of finding out kids' strengths and weaknesses and helping them. Our further expectation is that school timings can be given according to kids' talent.


Teachers are engaging the kids through games in between, which makes kids more active and interested. It would be more helpful if you start some branches since we are shifting our house.